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Futopia (Part 1)

Futopia (Part 1)
by Jayge
Futopia is a fusion of 'future' & 'utopia'. "The future is what will happen in the time after the present. Its arrival is considered inevitable due to the existence of time and the laws of physics. Due to the apparent nature of reality and the unavoidability of the future, everything that currently exists and will exist can be categorized as either permanent, meaning that it will exist forever, or temporary, meaning that it will end. In the Occidental view, which uses a linear conception of time, the future is the portion of the projected time line that is anticipated to occur. In special relativity, the future is considered absolute future, or the future light cone." -- Wikipedia "A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. The opposite of a utopia is a dystopia. One could also say that utopia is a perfect "place" that has been designed so there are no problems." -- Wikipedia "The term utopia was coined from Greek by Sir Thomas More for his 1516 book Utopia, describing a fictional island society in the south Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America. The word comes from Greek: οὐ ("not") and τόπος ("place") and means "no-place", and strictly describes any non-existent society 'described in considerable detail'. However, in standard usage, the word's meaning has narrowed and now usually describes a non-existent society that is intended to be viewed as considerably better than contemporary society. Eutopia, derived from Greek εὖ ("good" or "well") and τόπος ("place"), means "good place", and is strictly speaking the correct term to describe a positive utopia. In English, eutopia and utopia are homophonous, which may have given rise to the change in meaning." -- Wikipedia
The less-traveled path Tim Travers had yet to explore was the one most physicists agreed was possible: the future. CEJ found his Cronosoar galaxy-worthy so Tim made plans immediately for a grand tour of the future Milky Way. He was pretty sure he wouldn't be alone for long. As a matter of fact, the very next day his friend Amby begged him to go along. Her legal name was Ambrosia Bo-Chun, Chinese surname meaning 'precious'-'springtime' & Greek given name meaning 'food of the gods', but she insisted on Amby & promised to tutor him along the way. Her math masters might soften his abhorrence for geometry, along with his barely pair of aces in CC business calculus. With a visage far less schoolmarm & more cherry blossom pageant royalty, trigonometry still loomed like pulling teeth without anesthesia.
“Study the past, if you would divine the future.” ― Confucius
“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” ― Dale Carnegie
“You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.” ― Anonymous
“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” ― Abraham Lincoln
“I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.” ― Albert Einstein
“The golden age is before us, not behind us.” ― William Shakespeare
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ― Peter F. Drucker
“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” ― Oscar Wilde
“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” ― John F. Kennedy
“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” ― Alex Haley
Travers knew he could choose a vector transfer, but he'd dreamed of romantic views of Earth & Moon, preferring it to instantaneously beaming to his destination. While leaving Earth orbit conventionally to do a lunar fly-by, Tim & Amby were detained by an AI drone, apparently the real reason manned spaceflight had been hamstrung, despite its promising start. When the silent sentry stood as primitive blockade, he insisted, "Take us to your leader!" They found themselves tractor-beamed to a nearby cloaked mothership & perhaps the last entity he expected to meet, Baronne Betty Draculya de Rothschild, 1880s vampire widow moll of bankster Jakob "Mayer de of the wealthiest women in Europe, and one of the foremost Parisian patrons of the arts." -- Wikipedia Condescendingly, she declared the exosphere & everything beyond it off limits to all Earthlings but Scottish Rite Freemasonry & rarified elite aristocracy they serve. Either she was allergic to goys, required special kosher human blood, or had drunk her fill, for whatever reason she let them go with a warning, "Don't be back." Travers needed no more urging & reversed course away from the hag & her dildroid automaton.
Khazar Khaganate, 650–850 -- Wikipedia
Hapless Hebrews tried to make sense of their era, but were too myopic to understand, as first Egyptians, then Babylonians, & finally Romans made hash of their dominion plans. Now non-Semite Ashkenazis claim land & benefits in their name, cuz it's all about the money in a rigged game where face cards & aces, as well as half the world's wealth, are owned by Revelation's white Jews, the synagogue of Satan. Western Asia's Khazars (Tsars?, Czars?, Caesars?) are revealed both in Arthur Koestler's 1976 book The Thirteenth Tribe & Shlomo Sand's 2010 work The Invention of the Jewish People. "Bulan was a Khazar king who led the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. His name means 'elk' (Moose) in Old Turkic. In modern Turkish, it means The one who finds (Bul + an). The date of his reign is unknown, as the date of the conversion is hotly disputed, though it is certain that Bulan reigned some time between the mid-8th and the mid-9th centuries. Nor is it settled whether Bulan was the Bek or the Khagan of the Khazars." -- Wikipedia
Reagan-Bush CIA-Al Qaeda & their kissing cousins ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, different packaging, similar slime, Zionists who play dress-up in Arab garb, fomenting race war, as well as ubiquitous spying, 'Samson Option', Zionist supremacy, terror threats, main sources of spam, clickbait, computer viruses, Trojan Horses, prions, pornography, disease, disingenuous Canary Mission that smears academics who support BDS &/or Palestinians, & of course usurious international central banking. They used to tell us DDT, fluoride, & shoe store fluoroscopes were safe, along with cigarettes, Agent Orange, & vaccines, based on dubious, pseudo research. Corporate giants pay scientists to say GMOs, microwave radiation, Wi-Fi, RFID devices, cell phones, smart meters, & 'chemtrails' are harmless. Government safeguards are gone. Zio-Fascists will engineer a cashless society, class warfare by the have-it-alls versus us, & some incarnation of Project Blue Beam to install an artificial intelligence god. Who will stop them? Spineless Democrats or Republicans? Gutless Greens or Listless Libertarians? Sissy Spiritualists or Reactionary Religionists? Blabbermouths on radio, boob tube, or YouTube? No, we can expect worse than Orwell-Huxley to become our reality soon.
“Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein's general theory of relativity allows for the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that you could go off in a rocket and return before you set out.” ― Stephen Hawking
“Even if it turns out that time travel is impossible, it is important that we understand why it is impossible.” ― Stephen Hawking
“The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.” ― Stephen Hawking
“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” ― Stephen Hawking
“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” ― Stephen Hawking
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” ― Stephen Hawking
“I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.” ― Stephen Hawking
“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans.” ― Stephen Hawking
“Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.” ― Stephen Hawking
“Time travel was once considered scientific heresy, and I used to avoid talking about it for fear of being labelled a 'crank.'” ― Stephen Hawking
"Sam Harris: Developing AI is Humanity Building Some Sort of God? 11/8/2016 Some fear a future where humanity are the ants beneath the boots of super-intelligent AI. Artificial Intelligence is set to be a major part of the future of technology. Laboratories all over the world are making algorithms and machines that can do amazing feats, like make music or actually listen and speak like a human. But with this level of progress, many are sounding warning bells regarding the development of super-intelligent AI. In this TED talk, neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris examines how and why people should be more scared of AI becoming more intelligent that us. Harris says that this kind of super-intelligence is not only possible, but inevitable. But once we build something as smart as us, it could start improving itself in ways we may have never imagined. One day, AI might start looking at us the way we look at ants, easily brushed aside if our interests don’t align with those of the machine(s). Sam is an American philosopher, author, and neuroscientist. He is famous for his critiques against religion, and has been dubbed one of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism.” Harris joins a host of technology big shots that are warning us to be more prudent in making AI. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates— these are just some of the famous people who want us to start the ethical debate on the development of AI." -- Jalor Gallego,
“The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.” ― Edsger W. Dijkstra
“Maybe the only significant difference between a really smart simulation and a human being was the noise they made when you punched them.” ― Terry Pratchett
“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” ― Eliezer Yudkowsky
“People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they're too stupid and they've already taken over the world.” ― Pedro Domingos
“Think like A.I. and decide at algorithmic speed, said no mentor, yet.” ― Clyde Dsouza
“What use was time to those who'd soon achieve Digital Immortality?” ― Clyde Dsouza
“Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?” ― Ken Levine
“T[o t]urn technical brute force into real artificial intelligence requires a deeper understanding of human thinking based on knowledge engineering and reasoning mechanisms.” ― Stephane Nappo
“Aim for simplicity in Data Science. Real creativity won’t make things more complex. Instead, it will simplify them.” ― Damian Duffy Mingle
“I strongly believe that we need to embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for maximum growth in our day to day activities in order to excel and succeed.” ― Bamigboye Olurotimi
Once they were sufficiently out of range, Tim set the helm for Alpha Centauri system, 5 years ahead & began hopscotching known star systems in our stellar neighborhood. He didn't share Stephen Hawking's theory of hostile aliens. On the contrary, he presumed the vast majority were humane, so to speak. They'd tour our solar system on their return like the Anunnaki, from the outside in. Since most star systems are binary or trinary, upon arrival they scanned for Sol's companions but noticed none. "Alpha Centauri is the star system closest to the Solar System, being 4.37 light-years from the Sun. It consists of three stars: Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, which form the binary star Alpha Centauri AB, and a small and faint red dwarf, Alpha Centauri C. To the unaided eye, the two main components appear as a single point of light with an apparent magnitude of −0.27, forming the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus and is the third-brightest star in the night sky, outshone only by Sirius and Canopus." -- Wikipedia "Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star in the Alpha Centauri star system which bears the distinction of being the closest star to the Sun." --
Proxima Centauri
4.22 light years (ly)
Barnard's Star
5.97 ly
Wolf 359
7.7 ly
Sirius A & B
8.6 ly
Epsilon Eridani
10.5 ly
Ross 128
10.8 ly
11.4 ly
Tau Ceti
11.9 ly
16.3 ly
Eta Cassiopeiae
19 ly
"Barnard's Star is a very-low-mass red dwarf about 6 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It is the fourth-nearest-known individual star to the Sun and the closest star in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere. Despite its proximity, the star has a dim apparent magnitude of +9.5 and is invisible to the unaided eye; it is much brighter in the infrared than in visible light." -- Wikipedia
"Wolf 359 is a red dwarf star located in the constellation Leo, near the ecliptic. At a distance of approximately 7.9 light years from Earth, it has an apparent magnitude of 13.54 and can only be seen with a large telescope. Wolf 359 is one of the nearest stars to the Sun; only the Alpha Centauri system, Barnard's Star and the brown dwarfs Luhman 16 and WISE 0855−0714 are known to be closer. Its proximity to Earth has led to its mention in several works of fiction." -- Wikipedia
"Sirius is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth's night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The system has the Bayer designation Alpha Canis Majoris. What the naked eye perceives as a single star is a binary star system, consisting of a white main-sequence star of spectral type A0 or A1, termed Sirius A, and a faint white dwarf companion of spectral type DA2, designated Sirius B. The distance separating Sirius A from its companion varies between 8.2 and 31.5 astronomical units." -- Wikipedia
"Epsilon Eridani, also named Ran, is a star in the southern constellation of Eridanus, at a declination of 9.46° south of the celestial equator. This allows it to be visible from most of Earth's surface. At a distance of 10.5 light-years from the Sun, it has an apparent magnitude of 3.73. It is the third-closest individual star or star system visible to the unaided eye." -- Wikipedia
"Ross 128 is a red dwarf in the equatorial zodiac constellation of Virgo, near β Virginis. The apparent magnitude of Ross 128 is 11.13, which is too faint to be seen with the unaided eye. Based upon parallax measurements, the distance of this star from Earth is 10.89 light-years, making it the twelfth closest stellar system to the Solar System. It was first cataloged in 1926 by American astronomer Frank Elmore Ross." -- Wikipedia
"Procyon, also designated Alpha Canis Minoris, is the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor; to the naked eye, it appears to be a single star, the eighth-brightest in the night sky with a visual apparent magnitude of 0.34. It is a binary star system, consisting of a white main-sequence star of spectral type F5 IV–V, named Procyon A, and a faint white dwarf companion of spectral type DQZ, named Procyon B." -- Wikipedia
"Tau Ceti, Latinized from τ Ceti, is a single star in the constellation Cetus that is spectrally similar to the Sun, although it has only about 78% of the Sun's mass. At a distance of just under 12 light-years from the Solar System, it is a relatively nearby star and the closest solitary G-class star. The star appears stable, with little stellar variation, and is metal-deficient." -- Wikipedia
"Altair also designated Alpha Aquilae, is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. It is currently in the G-cloud—a nearby accumulation of gas and dust known as an interstellar cloud. Altair is an A-type main sequence star with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.77 and is one of the vertices of the asterism known as the Summer Triangle. It is 16.7 light-years from the Sun and is one of the closest stars visible to the naked eye." -- Wikipedia
"Eta Cassiopeiae is a binary star system in the northern circumpolar constellation of Cassiopeia. Its binary nature was first discovered by William Herschel in August 1779. Based upon parallax measurements, the distance to this system is 19.42 light-years from the Sun. The two components are designated Eta Cassiopeiae A and B." -- Wikipedia
“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.” ― Steven Moffat
“Know that love is truly timeless.” ― Mary M. Ricksen
“If time-travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” ― Stephen Hawking
“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.” ― Erich Fromm
“Fill your heart with the creative power to accept the past, decorate the present and transform the future.” ― Osho
“The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.” ― Bill Cosby
“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” ― Winston Churchill
“Isn't it a shame that future generations can't be here to see all the wonderful things we're doing with their money? ― Earl Wilson
“The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn.” ― Alvin Toffler
“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” ― Albert Einstein
"WAS I A TOPIC AT BILDERBERG? by Miles Mathis, June 14, 2018...It is being leaked that I may have been a topic at Bilderberg last week. The 66th Bilderberg meeting opened on June 6 in Turin. That's 6/6, if you missed it, but there is no numerology there I am sure. Anyway, I have received an anonymous tip that my work was discussed under the topic “The Post Truth World”. Bilderberg itself released a list of topics, and sure enough that is on the list. 1. Populism in Europe 2. The inequality challenge 3. The future of work 4. Artificial intelligence 5. The U.S. before midterms 6. Free trade 7. U.S. world leadership 8. Russia 9. Quantum computing 10.Saudi Arabia and Iran 11. The "post-truth" world 12. Current events What is a post-truth world and what does Bilderberg mean by that? Well, mainstream sources are telling us Bilderberg is “concerned about” a post-truth world, but my guess is that is an inversion. They aren't concerned about a post-truth world, they are concerned about a world where more and more people have access to the truth. They are concerned about a post-lies world. What happens if people don't believe the lies anymore? I call it a post-Hawking world. The crash and burn of that project back in January obviously got these people's attention. But we have already seen their response, since it is already out there, and has been for a long time. They have been in crisis mode since 911, since nobody bought that one. Their response was not to back off the fakes for a while, it was to ramp up the fake events. If they couldn't create belief, at least they would create confusion. They have been trying to bury the truth under an avalanche of competing lies, surrounding every truth with a thousand lies. But even that isn't working, since the truth tends to shine out with its own light. It is like the Arkenstone hidden in a vast dark hall. But introduce one moment of light—let Smaug roar for the tiniest moment—and the jewel flashes out. We also saw a response with the recent events at POM, RatWiki, and other places. Orders came down from above to blackwash me on several fronts. We can't know how high the orders for that came down from, but it is possible they came from the top. That also failed. However, looking at who they assigned that project to tells us they still don't take the threat too seriously. They sent in another gaggle of junior college flunkies, so no one can be surprised they blew the assignment. Plus, the project seems to be less about utterly defeating me and more about wasting my time and trying to divert me. Anyway, if we have learned anything about the opposition in the past decade of engagement, it is that he is his own worst enemy. And that isn't just true at the POM level, it is true all the way up. The Bilderberg bozos are also their own worst enemies, since they seem to have the uncanny ability to do the wrong thing at all times. They haven't seemed to recognize that Project Chaos only works on a slow burn. It doesn't work as a 24-7 conflagration. The past decade has proved that. Yes, a lot of confusion has been created, but that has just made people more hungry for the truth and more hungry for normalcy. The governors seem to have forgotten how well the pre-911 project was working before they kicked it into overdrive and broke the mechanism. Just to remind them: were they losing money back in the 1950s? Not that I remember. Were we right on the cusp of a revolution? Not according to the history books. Things were pretty quiet, and it wasn't because of the recent war. It was because the levels of propaganda were so much lower then. Yes, everything was a lie even then, but it was a smaller, less noisy, more believable lie, so fewer people questioned it. The propaganda now is way too in-our-faces, and we are spitting it back out. The blue pill ingestion requires a subtle massaging of the throat, not a violent force-feeding. For a somewhat humorous comparison to show my point, look at the difference between the Andy Griffith Show and the Family Guy. Or the difference between Bonanza and the Simpsons. Or the difference between Bewitched and Game of Thrones. TV was being used to create and control culture then as now, but just look at the difference in form and content. The older shows were infinitely subtle, quiet, and tasteful compared to the newer ones. All were and are intended to create an audience of complacent consumers, but there are many types and levels of complacent consumers, as we now see with hindsight. The point is, I am not the problem. The governors themselves are the problem, since they have forgotten how to govern. They are creating their own problems with these overblown projects. If they wish for things to calm down, all they have to do is calm down themselves, and order Intel to calm down. If they want more stability, they can create it. All they have to do is quit creating instability on purpose. Insert people back into families, create some normalcy, and slow things down. As an another example of how they can't even create the right propaganda anymore, we just return to that “post-truth world” topic. If they were smart, they wouldn't list that as a topic. This released list is another example of propaganda, but it isn't good propaganda. Masters of propaganda would release a fake list that had this as #11: “how to return to the truth”. They should make you think they are coming clean even if they aren't, you see. They know you are hungry for the truth, so they should try to trump me by making you think they are coming clean. If they want to be trusted again, this is their only hope. They don't have to admit to all the lies, do they? They just have to once again make some real effort to appear like white hats instead of black hats. Most of us now think these people are evil, which is not surprising since they make very little effort not to look evil. But since they have all the resources of the media, it seems like they could cleanse their image if they wished. Apparently they have forgotten how. In other words, the hired PR firms are failing. Intel is failing. The whole structure of governance is unwinding, and it would be unwinding with or without my papers. As I have said many times before, there are many splits in the ruling families and in Intel, and we see that again here. Number 11, however stated, indicates the ruling families are worried about their image, as they should be. But shutting me down won't change that. They need to do some housecleaning. Whoever thought it was a good idea to go down this current path in 2001 should be fired or sent to Elba or something. The faction promoting the post-911 world needs to be purged. As I have also said before, it is one pretty obvious faction that is creating all the problems from top to bottom, and it is because this faction thrills in the jackboot. They figure why massage your throat when they can ram it? They will lie even when they don't need to, because the lie tastes better to them. They prefer theater to reality, since their own private realities are so paltry and unsatisfying. But this faction is a new phenomenon, as we can see by the rapid changes of the past 60 years. Yes, the world has long been run on theater, but not the pseudo-Satanic theater that has completely taken over. It used to be that was a small part of the entertainment offered, but now it is pretty much the whole package. This indicates the worst faction was not in charge back then, and they are still only a part of the machine. They have been resisted and are still being resisted, but not forcibly enough. I would say the families must deal somehow with this faction if they are re-create any semblance of stability, not only for us but for themselves. It is time to reign Loki in. Some will say, “Why are you giving them hints how to govern? Aren't you Revolutionary #1? You have shown the crisis, why not call for the overthrow?” Well, any least consideration of the question would provide the answer: there is no possibility of such an overthrow, given the state of the world. My job is to promote a successful revolution, not a failed one, right? In my opinion, a successful revolution will be achieved by talking sense to everyone, them included. I am not just talking you off the ledge, I am talking them off the ledge. The world has gone underwater, and the governors are in the deepest part. They are full fathom five hundred and their brains are starved for oxygen. They have lost all sense of direction and don't remember where the surface is. If they would just drown themselves and we could be rid of them, that would suit me, but unfortunately these families continue to spawn at depth. There is always a newer generation arising, breaking the surface for a few moments of sunshine before they too dive down and head for the abyss. So I try to land and meet them at the surface in that brief space of sanity, while their eyes are still open to the light. I point out to them that there is no need for them to dive just because their fathers did. There is nothing down there but mud and bones. Why not stay up here in the clear air and swim for shore? Find some joyous island large or small and tend a garden, husband a flock of geese, and have some normal bright-eyed children who love the truth? If they do that, they may find their lives are not so paltry and unsatisfying after all, and they may not need to hide out in a dark theater, rolling their dice and spinning their webs." -- Miles Mathis,
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